Today I am Thankful For…. A Month of Being Thankful


From John on Flicker

I love the month of November.

For me it’s a time to reflect on all the blessings – both big and small, and yes, even be thankful for the difficult times in my life that have played such an important role in how I have been shaped, how I cherish life, and how I can see such monumental grace where it seems that nothing could come out of the bad things that happen.

I’m one of those people that believe that nothing “evil” comes from the Lord.

He has anger and has shown anger, yes, but He is not evil.  His is the almighty good.

But, I’m also not here to get philosophical on you.

I’m just a woman with a blog who enjoys writing, with the hopes that one day my children will read the random thoughts of their mother who loves them more than they will ever know.

Here’s what I want you to know from this post:

Today I am thankful.

On November 1, 2013, I wrote the following on my personal FB page:

So it’s the first day of November, 2013.  If you have become a friend of mine recently on FB, some of my friends and I “traditionally” give a status update everyday of something we are thankful for.  It doesn’t have to be a big, in fact, I love the small things I am grateful for.  I encourage you to come up with your own daily “Today I am thankful for…” thoughts especially if you haven’t started this tradition on your own.

Tomorrow, I will be thankful.

I will be thankful everyday of the year – but for one month, I publicly share my gratitude with anyone who reads it with the hope that maybe, you can be thankful to the One who provides it all.

Thank you Lord – for just being.  For loving me, and for allowing me to know you.  I am grateful for the Lord today.

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