Tips for Taking Yarn Projects on Vacation

Tips for taking yarn projectsContinuing with my notes-to-self series of going on vacation to Yosemite, I’m going to list my best tips/suggestions for taking my crocheting projects with me.  There is SO MUCH DIRT, that I’m sure some people think there’s no way he/she would take yarn projects camping with them but thankfully, I’ve done it before and been very successful at it too.

We are blessed to be going to a camping facility where there is a concrete floor and raised beds where we sleep, even though we are as-close-to-nature as I’d like to be right outside the door.  Nevertheless, it’s very hard to keep things clean, and keeping my crocheting projects clean are no exception.  But hey, thankfully there’s washing machines waiting when we get back!

The first thing to do before I pack: Decide which projects to take.

Tip No. 1: Take Smaller Projects.

I have so many things I want to do, namely off “My crochet dreams” Pinterest board.

I also have an extensive list of unfinished projects, and could always find a way to incorporate the smaller ones into the things I’m going to take.

Don’t have smaller projects that could fit in a gallon sized sealed bag?  Thankfully free crochet patterns are everywhere!

Get free crochet patterns like afghans, baby projects and more! Download one today!

Tip No. 2: Have printed copies of all the instructions – if they have one.

I know how it is for seasoned crocheters – I think I’m going to remember the pattern because I’ve worked on it before.  What I found in my travels though is that if I don’t have the pattern handy, my mind goes blank from some sort of “vacation brain” syndrome that I’m sure exists, and I forget/forgot how to do a pattern.

So while we’re camping and I don’t have internet service to look up most of the free patterns I need, I will be printing my patterns and putting them with the yarn I bring.

Tip No. 3: Place your work in 1-gallon or 2-gallon sized Ziploc or seal-able plastic bags, and take extra bags.

Seal-able plastic bags are a must when we go on vacations, namely to store dirty keepsakes (like shells from the beach) or (ahem) that extra dirty underwear that’s just to cute to throw out (or is it because I’m too cheap?)

You’ll see all my work in plastic bags, in my crocheting bag when I’m traveling pretty much anywhere.  I include the pattern and if I have an extra, I even put the size of crochet hook, even though I have a crochet hook holder that I bring.  I just want everything in one place.

Tip No. 4: Be realistic about what you can accomplish.

I say this to remind myself.

While packing for the upcoming trip, I literally grabbed ten small projects right away to consider taking.

RIGHT AWAY!  They are close enough for me to grab and go if needed.

I also have kids, so my time is limited to the mornings when they haven’t woken up or the evenings when they’ve gone to bed.

Tip No. 5: Bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer to help keep work “clean.”

Said with a sarcastic smile, I know how much those baby wipes and sanitizer are handy for every other possible senario other than crocheting, but, it’s a must for me when I’m camping to take both and have them close by while I work on my crocheting projects.

I personally ended up choosing three projects and I’ll update this post with the status of what I was able to accomplish when the trip is over.

So if you’re curious, here’s what I’m planning on bringing:

My Glittery & Glamorus ShrugGlittery & Glamorus Shrug

One of those projects that I grabbed quickly because its nearby, I don’t think I’ve worked on this project for over a year.  I really want to finish it this year, as I’d like to wear it by Christmas.  It’s also listed in my UFO post.

A Crocheted Square Yellow HatCrocheted Square Yellow HatInstructable Robot Square Crocheted Hat
A personal pattern I came up with, I was selected by Instructables to “host” a yarn & thread craft contest.  The excitement I have for this opportunity is understated by this sentence.  (I AM SO EXCITED!)

Anyway, I am providing an Instructable Robot Hat as one of the prizes and I need to make it!  It’s going with me as it’s a small & easy project that I can complete within a couple of hours.

Crocheted Chunky Pattern Basketwool-ease yarn for a chunky basketThe yarn will be used to make this, a free pattern from Crochet in Color:

A project I am excited to start, the project instructions suggested a size L hook.  I didn’t have one so I bought a Crochet Dude Plastic Crochet Hook Set.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for taking crochet projects on vacation?  I’m personally looking forward to not being plugged into the world for a week.  Crocheting is my hobby and I look forward to spending some hobby time on my down time while camping!

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