Why We Take Our Children Camping

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Take Kids CampingAs always, I know I’m not the first to post about this.

But I have a blog and I love to tell my stories.

We just got back from an amazing trip to the Valley floor of Yosemite National Park in California.

Before I tell you about the awesome time my children had, let me tell you a few fun facts about myself:

(1) I do not like to be dirty for long periods of time. 

In all reality, I can handle the one day of not taking a shower, but the massive amount of dirt that is accumulated while camping is undeniable and hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it.

(2) I hate mosquitoes – and most bugs for that matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of them, it’s just I don’t like them.

And (3) I am a City girl (or woman if you want to get picky!)A duck swims close by.

I’m not a Country girl.  I’m not a girl that likes large mammals except behind cages.  I don’t particularly like thinking there are bears right outside our tent or tent-like structure.  I can’t stand squirrels.  They are not cute.  I could go on.

Give me my shopping centers and screaming kids in a noisy place or the comfort of my own home any day.

As much as I love nature, I don’t love to sleep in it.  But that’s just me.

So why do I go camping?

I go camping for my children. Playing in the Merced River

There’s a great article on Parentables on “Why I take my kids camping” that I could have written word for word.  Thus, I will not bore you with reiterating the article, but I will mention that I am a believer in the idea that when you are “stuck” with your family for days on end, you gain a new appreciation both for each of them as each of them will for you.

When space is limited and food is only what you brought, my children have a new appreciation for the comforts of home and the playmates their parents gave them.

As with most blog posts, I wrote this post to remember the times of life when things were crazy, and our family made it through anyway.

We had a foster dog that the neighbors came over to take care of, we kenneled our mini-poodle mix, thankfully my work was slow, and my husband had to take his laptop and spend a morning working on his websites.  My knee was still hurting from a “normal” (if there is such a thing) re-occuring injury, I did an enormous amount of pre-planning to keep my children busy at the camp, I had to set up people to call and check on my mother, and my father ended up coming to my house almost everyday to use our Wi-Fi.  (It brought an unexpected extra expense of using AC in a large house for a week we thought it would not be used.  I have a weird father.)

We were in Yosemite for six (6) days.  On one of the days we went to the local “beach” to play and I took this video.  The video is me standing on a bend of the Merced River, that winds its way down Yosemite Valley just outside of the Housekeeping Camp.  I look up and around the area that we chose to play at that day.  It’s about one minute (1-min) long, and at the very end, my youngest son reminds me whey we go camping, in his own way of course.

He just says thank you.  Thank you daddy, for inviting us to Yosemite.