Running Goals Update – August 2016

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Running Update - August 2016

Something I earned from using the Under Armour Map My Run App on my phone.

I really wanted to title this post: #Ds40By40 – August Update, to go along with last month’s post titled #Ds40By40 – My New 40th Birthday Goal.

But, I am so ready to turn forty now.

I just want to get it over with.

On my “40-days before I turn 40” date of July 16, 2016, I found my first silver hair.  SILVER!  It’s actually kind of beautiful, but it was a shock. My first silver hair

Both my parents didn’t get grey hairs until they turned fifty.

I am the queen of screaming “LIFE IS NEVER FAIR SO GET OVER IT” but that silver hair came as a complete shock to me.  I was with my two youngest children at the time and I picked through my hair thinking it was like a piece of string or something (because it was so shiny!) that was on my head that I couldn’t remove.  It probably took me a good minute to realize that it was really a silver hair.

My poor daughter got caught first to look at it and being only six, she really didn’t know what a grey/silver hair looked like.  <Big sigh.>  Just like out of a movie, I ran up to her and bowed low to ask “Sweetie, sweetie! Do you see the grey hair on my head?”

In her precious wisdom, and because I don’t think she really knew what I really meant to look for at the time (even though her father has A TON,) she said, “No mommy.”

Children are precious.

I told all my friends, who had very little sympathy for me as I expected, and I plan on owning my silver hair look – for now – as it comes out.  Both my parents own(ed) theirs and I remember my mom looked so beautiful when she passed away, grey hairs and all.

But I digress.

Back to my Running Goals Update…

This Under Armour shirt ran a bit big, but I love it nonetheless. I might wear it at one of my Disneyland Runs!

This Under Armour shirt ran a bit big, but I love it nonetheless. I might wear it at one of my Disneyland Runs!

As of July 31, 2016, I have run a total of 35-runs over 4-miles.  I ran one ten-mile run in July, and 10-separate runs at 4-miles or more.

My word is Intentional for the year.  I am making these days count including being intentional about my running distances.

I earned a $40 off coupon from Under Armour (photo shown above) just by using their Map My Run App.  Of course I used the coupon already, and bought some really sweet Star Wars shirts for me and the hubby.

Storm Trooper Medal from Full Medal RunsStorm Trooper Shirt from Under ArmourThe first one I chose was the storm trooper one, and I wore it when I ran the 10K to earn the Storm Trooper Medal from Full Medal Runs.








That medal was to celebrate May 4th (you know, May the Fourth be with you) and I just had to have it because it was so cool – even though I’m a REBEL through and through.

I bought a shirt for myself and my husband that state “May the Force Be With You” from Under Armour as well. We both wear our shirts with pride and I might be wearing mine at the Star Wars Run in Disneyland in January.  I haven’t quite decided yet, but that will be another post!

Stay tuned for more “virtual race” posts about the various sites I’ve purchased medals to celebrate my love of running.  I’m a medal junkie now, so I am not in short supply to post about my medals and experiences.

I am giving a big nod to Full Medal Runs for their beautiful medals.  They have emails to let you know when the medal has shipped, and I have signed up for the “Are you Rouge” virtual 10K that takes place between August 1 – November 30, 2016.  I’ve already received the medal and plan to run the distance this week!

One last thing – On Sunday, July 31, 2016, I hit the 1000-mile walk/run milestone for the year!  It’s an exciting accomplishment considering I was shooting for 1016 miles for the entire year. Hit the 100 mile Mark at the end of July

Have a great week and I hope you can get some outdoor time this month!