Making our 1st Stop Motion Movie

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Builder-TitleThere’s a thing about kids that when you don’t have them, you don’t understand that people do.

You will do almost anything for them.


Don’t get me wrong – as parents of hopefully productive members of society, there are limits to what you will do, but when your child asks you to make a stop motion film, you have the technology, and are savvy enough to try to figure it out even if you forget to save and end up doing the same thing three (3) times –

you try and do it with them.

The coolest part of this film is that my oldest took every-single-photo.  There are fifty-one photos.


It’s only 24-seconds long and has sound-effects we found together on this site.

I don’t recommend using the camera we purchased for him as a present two years ago, as we have not had great luck with the close-up shot focusing, as shown in the movie.  (But that will be changing soon.)  Side note: that camera is very cool.  It takes underwater photos and film.  Just not good on the close-up shots.

We also used a program called Roxio.  I’ve used it before so I was comfortable “enough” to help him.

I am one proud mommy.  Check his little movie out and feel free to leave him sweet comments. 😉