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Out of all the goals I made this year, the most challenging will be in this area – Social/Blog.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote out and put out for the whole world to see my Year of Twelves – meaning twelve goals of twelve things each.

I’ve gone over eight goals so far in the areas of Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Family.

For the Social/Blog area of my life, I intend on completing the following goals for the year:

  • Publish 12 blog posts a month.

  • Tackle 12 crocheting projects, either started or new.

  • Create 12 handmade gifts.

Notes on Posting My Blog Posts

  • Probably the most difficult and time consuming thing I will do this year is post twelve blog posts a month.  I posted a total of seventeen blog posts for the entire year in 2015, with four drafted but not completed.  This is a big change from the previous year.
  • Much of my projected posts for the year will be on events on my life, as I repeat once again, that I write this blog for my children, that they are able to remember how awesome their lives were.
  • I really want to throw in more photos and links of crocheting projects I’m both working on and have completed.

    This is a coffee cozy for a co-worker. The last thing to do for this gift is add his name.

    This is a coffee cozy for a co-worker. The last thing to do for this gift is add his name.

  • I’m going to focus on shortening my posts and writing more of them, rather than try to squeeze in so many ideas into one post.
  • And lastly, I’m not going to concern myself with the advertising as much as I have been in the past.  If I write a blog post and don’t get to include an advertisement at the bottom or within the text, I’m still going to push “schedule.”  (And potentially update it later if I have time. 😉 )

Tackling Twelve Crocheting Projects

The best thing about this goal is that I have a reason to crochet.

I would love to be able to use the excuse to people who see me crocheting something, “Oh, yes. I’m crocheting because it’s a resolution to get this project done.”

Here’s just a few things of what I have in the works right now:

  • A coffee cozy for a patient co-worker.  (I promised him I would make him one last year.)
  • A tiger for my youngest son out of the book “Edward’s Menagerie” by Kerry Lord. Edward's Menagerie Book
  • And an Elsa-hair hat (Frozen inspired) for my daughter.  There is this great pattern from Hopeful Honey that I hope to complete very soon.

This doesn’t even get into the stand-by projects that I have laying around.  There’s still three different afghans I haven’t completed that are sitting in bags in the garage.

Oh and I really wanted to get a “temperature scarf” started for 2016.  You know, because of how cool that would be.  I found a great chart through Pinterest, which led me to Cindy Kuo Designs in Ravelry.  She has a knitting pattern, but I would just do a single crochet line for each day.

As I write this, I’m starting to realize that I might have a problem….

Bah – Everyone needs a hobby right? 😉

Create Twelve Handmade Gifts

There may be some cross-over between the crocheting goal of 12-things and this goal.

I’m also going to include gifts to my children, or at least projects that I’ve declared I wanted to do for them for a while now.

This is most of the small toys collected over the past year or so. I'm hoping to get them and some yarn pompoms on wreaths for my kiddos.

This is most of the small toys collected over the past year or so. I’m hoping to get them and some yarn pompoms on wreaths for my kiddos.

I know I pinned a project a while back ago that I have all the materials for and just haven’t done – creating wreaths out of old, small toys they don’t play with anymore.  If I can accomplish this, that’s three things down and more “stuff” moved around or even gone through and gotten rid of for the home.

Win, win, win.

There’s also this really great project I’ve been putting off for years for my grandmother-in-law.  Once again, I have the majority of the components to make it, but the time consuming part of going through photos hasn’t been completed yet.  Hopefully this is the year I get that picture wreath done.

If there’s anything I’ve learned for the past thirty-nine years of my life, it’s that I have way to many projects to do and not enough time.  I’m hoping by writing out my intentions for many of these projects, I’ll be able to finish them, not only to give things away, but to get rid of so much stuff just waiting to be let go of in my home.

May you have a crafty rest-of-the-week!

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Creating a Hoe-down Background

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Creating a Background for a Hoe-down....

Creating a Background for a Hoe-down….

Oh the things you do for your kids.

Seriously though, I am very proud of this background.  It took me a total of about six hours over the course of three days.


We started out with a canvas dropcloth similar to: Paint Essentials 9-Feet x 12-Feet Canvas Drop Cloth HW912. I bought it at the Home Depot and I believe it was around $21.


p1070797I had purchased orange and purple spray paint, and had black paint to start off with.

The one can of orange and purple was just enough, but I ended up sending my hubby to the store to get more flat black spray paint.  He found some at our local Orchard Supply Hardware for $1!  It was great because I used a total of five (5) cans to spray paint the entire bottom half.  In this project, it didn’t matter that one can was a “Satin” finish one was gloss and the remaining cans were flat black.  Those facts don’t matter spray painting a canvas like this.

p1070800Above shows the photo I used to make the background.

The photo is from Oriental Trading Company (I do love them) as they sell the background on plastic.  I had to do the copy/paste/blow-up on screen thing to get it to a size I could mimic on my grand scale.

You can see the one-inch (1″) painters tape in several of the photos to create the edge of the mountain range.


p1070802Do I look sick?  I was.  Sometimes the best thing is rest.  Mommy can’t always do that.  Thankfully my hubby took the Little Ones and I was able to just concentrate on the painting.

p1070803After day one.

What’s not pictured is the acrylic painting.  I took two containers of orange, one container of white and one container of yellow to add the details shown.  The white was mixed several times with the pumpkin orange and regular orange colors and yellow to make various colors of the gradients.  Just straight white was used right up against the black of the mountains, and I just used less and less white in the mix of the yellow and orange as I went up to the orange spray paint layer.

Any acrylic paint will do, and I use the local craft store (hopefully with coupons) to get my paint.  What I had to buy more of was the 2″sponge brushes!  I ran through at least three of those, but thankfully those are pretty inexpensive.

gradient photo

img_1822These cute little ones got to dress up western, eat chili dogs, and enjoy grandma’s company.

Look at the cute centerpiece!  It was made out of tissue paper, brown painted toilet paper rolls (as the logs) and a tealight was placed in the center for the “fire” look.  The blue rocks represent the Cub Scout color and it was set on a gold wrapping paper wrapped piece of cardboard.


I got to square dance with my big boy, while grandma took photos and hung out with the Little Ones.img_1844

One thing I love about cub scouts is the idea that you do things that you wouldn’t normally do with your family.

Which includes square dancing.

My husband wasn’t able to attend due to a minor surgery that he was recovering from so I got to dance with my boy.  He’s really good at it and I hope we can encourage him to keep dancing-it-up.  Thank you grandma who took the photos and helped so much during that crazy time!