Dependence & Relationship advice from Philippians

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I’m doing another bible post!

I know not everyone who reads this blog *knows* me, so I will again preface this post with the standard bible-referenced warning: I am not a biblical scholar, nor do I pretend to be one.  I usually read the bible when things are going tough, and today’s post is no exception.

You have been warned.

I depend on the LordWhat’s going on you ask?

Well, without getting too deep, I’ve run into a wall with my husband that we can’t seem to get around.  An extremely personal issue, we are still imperfect people trying to figure this living-with-each-other thing out, and I love to vent on my blog.  However, I don’t vent about my husband in a public setting because I don’t believe that’s ever productive.  In fact I believe it’s counterproductive in marriage.  I know women that do it and that’s fine for them, but not for me.

SO back to why I am telling you all that –

I am reading an older study book called “Loving Your Husband, Building an Intimate Marriage in a Fallen World” by Cynthia Heald.  I remember getting this book in 1999, a few years after we were married.

The book is dated a publishing date of 1989, so it’s prior to the days before Pinterest and Facebook where advice and free bible studies are prevalent and everyone seems to know what they are talking about.  We now believe in ourselves more than ever in my humble opinion.  [Trust me, I am no exception to this as I found out today.]  The bible it seems has become a tool to use to prove our personal points and agenda more than anything now-days.  (And it makes for great content when you have a Bible Verses section on your blog. =)

I have done this study before, now calculated to be over 15 years ago, and I remember learning so much from it that I knew it was time to go through it again.

I have a love/hate relationship with bible studies.  I learn so much (the love part) but it opens me up to my imperfections and usually makes me cry (the hate part.)

I’m telling you all this to set you up for the book of Philippians or specific verses in my case.

In the very first Lesson, the thing that stuck to me the most was the part referencing Philippians.

I must be dependent on the Lord to meet my deepest needs.

Did you say “whoa” like I did there?

You DON’T HAVE TO BE MARRIED to tell yourself that statement.

It doesn’t say “I must be dependent on myself to meet my deepest needs” or “I must be dependent on my lover/husband/kids/dog to meet my deepest needs.”

Can you say this:I am dependent on the LordI am dependent on the Lord to meet my deepest needs.

I can’t say that I am.  I really need to work on that!

Now read this.

Philippians 2:3-4How’s that for a personal relationship reminder?

Or what about this:

Philippians 4:4This one is like telling someone (me) who is having a hard time dealing with his/her loved one that you have to be happy with what’s going on.


Philippians 4:5Gentleness?  Right now I want to be upset.  Oh wait, there’s that whole dependence thing….  <Tears start welling up about now for me.>

Philippians 4:6-7

The book of Philippians friends, Philippians.

How do these verses speak to you?

In a relationship setting, especially a marriage setting, where the Lord is who I am (or supposed to be in my case) dependent on, I will have a peace that transcends all understanding.

I will.

I will have that peace.

I am (supposed to be) dependent on the Lord for all my needs – all my loving needs.

Does Guardians of the Galaxy replace Star Wars for me?

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I am your typical nerd mama.

Don’t believe me?

For comfort, I watch Star Wars.  All six movies.

See: Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]

I have a rebellion symbol tattooed on my lower back.

I have a teddy bear my husband gave me named Anakin.

I have a daughter named Leah, because my husband wouldn’t let me name her Leia.  (It was close enough for me.)

I used to watch comic-based cartoons when I was growing up about X-Men, Iron Man, Spider-Man etc. – pretty much all throughout high school and dare I say it – even in college (all in secret of course) because of my nerdy tendencies to love hero’s.

I made my own Princess Leia costume because all good cosplay costumes are made by hand.

The list could go on and on.

So it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that I am obsessed with the Star Wars series.  To the point where I own books, games, DVD’s all the first series released figures from the re-release of Star Wars in the late nineties, stuff like that.

Everyone’s got an obsession; some just don’t like to admit it.

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time this week.

It was an incredibly fun movie that made me laugh, cry, smile from ear to ear, cringe, hold my son’s hand (who went with me) and made me fall in love with a movie all over again.

Seriously, could Guardians of the Galaxy take Star Wars’ place in my heart?


I’ve been watching many YouTube videos that interest me about the subject, including my new favorite character, that I can only compare to Chewbacca, the hard-to-understand-sidekick that you have to love, named Groot. (#IloveGroot) Marvel Comic's - GrootGroot doesn’t say much throughout the movie; just the words, “I am Groot” with various inflections.

Here’s Vin Diesel’s  video on voicing Groot:

One of the nuggets of video (actually the soundtrack) that I found on YouTube can be found here:  I just play it in the background at work nowdays.

And I leave you with this thought –

A bit of both quote-GuardiansYes, it might just replace it in my heart.  And best of all, it’s not owned by Disney….

I was mistaken.  It is owned by Disney. =( Oh well.  At least there’s only one place to go on vacation in the future.