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Jan 20-Scarf Pattern-Day 16A couple years ago, crafting personality Vicki Howell posted that she completed a temperature scarf.  I searched high and low for a link and I couldn’t find one!  Instead, I found the link to Yarnspirations 2013 Temperature Scarf forum, if you want to read more about it.

At that time, I thought “How cool is that?”  But I knew that I didn’t have time to start one as my life was really complicated back then.

One could say that my life hasn’t gotten any less complicated, but I have plenty of yarn and I really want to do projects that are both meaningful and fun.  This seems like something I would really enjoy, and at the end of the year, I would know that this scarf would be one of my projects from the Year of Twelves.

Virtually all of the temperature scarf patterns I found were for knitting, but the idea would be the same for a crocheter like me.

Temp Scarf HighsI looked up a couple different temperature/yarn matrices, but in the Central Valley of California where I live, it hardly ever gets colder than a high of 30-degrees.

This led me of course to come up with my own temperature/yarn table, and I present to you the process I used to start, and hopefully finish throughout the year, my crochet temperature scarf.

Temperature Scarf by DeAndrasCrafts

Photo only for Temperature Scarf Colors, high temps of 30-degrees and higher.

Photo only for Temperature Scarf Colors, high temps of 30-degrees and higher.


  • This Temperature Chart was created for places that don’t get lower than 30-degree F
  • I specifically used this chart in the Central Valley of CA
  • I used the high temperature of each day
  • I get my temperature history from weatherunderground.com under the “History” tab of my city
  • If you choose to use this chart, please tag it on public social media as #DCTemperatureScarf
  • See my progress on Instagram by searching for #DsTemperatureScarf2016
  • Please link up with me on Ravelry if you do one!

Last Note: This chart was created for personal use only.  That means don’t profit from the sale of the chart itself because it’s free.  Please use it to CREATE things from it and if you are able to sell the things you make, more power to you!

Temp Scarf YarnI picked yarn straight from my yarn stash.  That was the point.  I keep it all in one bag, with very simple labels wrapped around them.

I modified Vickie Howell’s Color Card Scarf Pattern for crochet.  (My photos, her basic pattern from the website link.)

Gauge: Gauge is not necessarily important but I am a loose-stitch crocheter.  I wanted a 6″ wide scarf so adjust the chain at the beginning of the scarf than what she stated in her blog post if you want it smaller or larger by three stitches.  She used a size I hook.

I used a Size H hook

Pattern is written for U.S. terms, acrylic (4-ply) yarn

Modified Single Crochet (mod sc) stitch:

Start with a single loop on the hook, pull a loop into the st indicated (2 loops on hook,) yo and pull through both loops.

See the photos for help if needed. Jan 20-Scarf Pattern-mod sc1 Jan 20-Scarf Pattern-mod sc2

The pattern describes “FRONT LOOP” as the front loop of the previous (or bottom) row to the row you are working.

Subsequently, the “BACK LOOP” is the back loop of the previous row.


Ch 24. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and to end. Turn (23 sts.)

Row 1: Ch1 (counts as sc in front loop), mod sc in FRONT LOOP of next st, *mod sc in BACK LOOPS of next 2 sts, mod sc in FRONT LOOPS of next 2 sts; rep from * until last 3 sts, mod sc in FRONT LOOPS of next 2 sts, mod sc in BACK LOOP of last st.

 Do not finish off or change color of next row UNLESS the temperature changed per the table for the next day-row.

Row 2: Rep Row 1.

Rows 3-366: Repeat last two rows, changing colors as necessary for each day of temperature change on the chart.

Finish off.

Chain 24.

Chain 24.

Two rows (two days of colors) complete.

Two rows (two days of colors) complete.

Pattern of scarf up to end of day 7.

Pattern of scarf up to end of day 7.

Temperature Scarf Pattern - Up to Day 11

Temperature Scarf Pattern – Up to Day 11 for high temperatures.

Miscellaneous Notes

I started out with eleven rows (first 11 days of the year) and picked up the piece about every few days to catch up.

I carried the previous ends into the next row to minimize loose ends to weave.

I hope to update the scarf on a monthly basis in a blog post and on Ravelry.

Cheers to your crocheting goals for the year.  I hope I can keep this up!

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What’s on My Hook – Accidental Spiral Slouch Pattern Hat

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Accidental Spiral Slouch Hat with Pom PomIt’s Wednesday.

One of the ways I plan on tackling my goal of posting twelve blog posts a month, AND sharing what I have completed or will complete for crocheting projects throughout the year is on Wednesday’s, I hope to post “What’s on My Hook” posts.

Much like the “Hookin’ on Hump Day” trend that Moogly and Petals to Picots started, I hope to highlight my crocheted projects, whether completed or not, on a regular basis – primarily on Wednesday’s!  (Hence the catchy title….)

This week I’m showing off my latest hat using the Accidental Spiral Slouch Pattern.  (The link takes you to Ravelry.)

My pattern notes/changes:

  • Overall, the pattern is written very well.
  • I know I didn’t follow the pattern she wrote exactly, and I modified the body of the hat by doing a fptc working on the row below, not on two rows below as described in her pattern.
  • I didn’t make the hat as slouchy as described in her pattern.
  • I also did six rows of hdc’s (half double crochet’s) for the brim.
  • I used an acrylic yarn I had in my stash, and oh do I think I’ll be doing this pattern again. yarn used for my accidental spiral hat
  • It probably took me about 4 hours to complete this hat, and as you can see, I added a pom pom to brighten up the top of the hat.

Thanks for checking this crocheted item out! Accidental Spiral Hat with Pom pom

I found the link itself on Ravelry, after searching for things with the word ‘spiral’ in them.

Please feel free to follow me on Pinterest for more crocheted projects and things I do/want to accomplish with my crafting!

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