Crochet Hanging Basket Gift

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Crochet Plant Hanger-TitleI have been diligently trying to use up the yarn hoard I currently own.  This beautiful hanging basket was crocheted out of a yarn called Red Heart Cordial.

I used a pattern from Vicki Howell’s website: Planter Happy: Crochet Planter Hanger.  She uses a t-shirt yarn, but the pattern worked up exactly the same for the 10″ pot I purchased. IMG_5136

This particular hanger and plant was given to a charity, and I attached a hook, 1-inch size eyelet and a tag I made up with my Max Stamp Pegz stamps.

I used a few cut and rooted pieces of my ever growing Golden Pothos plant in a separate pot, just in case the person who gets the gift wants to use the hanger for another plant.

The pattern is relatively easy, and I would rate it for a beginner.  I used a size N hook for the yarn I used.

IMG_5148IMG_5156 IMG_5158As you can see from the photos, the hanger looks like it’s small, but it stretches significantly while it’s hanging.

I ended up using two balls of the yarn as ran out of the yarn while crocheting the hanging portions. I believe this project can be done with one ball, but I hope you have two handy just in case.

As this yarn is made out of nylon as well as other synthetic material, I burned the ends of the cords to finish them off.

IMG_6796 IMG_6809This plant was one of my creations for the YBC Golf Tournament.  I hope to add more photos of the other things my husband and I donated.