Week thirty-two of fun and crazy

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Another week to find the glory of the Lord everywhere!

As I personally know how hard it can be to conceive a child, and keep a child alive in your body, these precious ones are just that – precious gifts.

IMG_4726 My husband took the oldest to cub scout camp on Sunday through Tuesday.

Me and my little ones.This meant that I took care of the youngest two at home, along with my dad, their nanny while I’m at work.

This is my friend, SASSHOLES (on Instagram.) I don't make this stuff up.

This is my friend, SASSHOLES (on Instagram.) I don’t make this stuff up.

I had a secret meeting on Tuesday at work that I wasn’t looking forward too, so I invited my younger-than-me friend to come over for some drinks and a time to swoon over Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy.  She let me tell her all about my problem, and I was reminded how wonderful it was to even have this problem.  I am so thankful for her!  She blessed me when I needed it.

My love and my oldest boy came home on Tuesday, and I got to tell my husband the crazy news that I had to justify my position at my workplace.  We were given one week to respond to the Director of the Department.  After meetings with the fellow Resident Engineers who were going to be affected by the possible change, we agreed on a game plan and on Friday, I sent my letter to the Director to keep my position.  I have no worries at all about losing my job, just my arbitrary title (hence position) in the workplace.

At the end of this mess, I’ll still be an Engineer, I’ll still have a job, and I’ll still be the person the Lord meant for me to be, a mommy of three beautiful children which is way more important than working for a place that can’t see the value of their college-educated Resident Engineers.

But I digress from the crazy week….

peeling carrotsWe pulled about six carrots from the garden, three of which were my princess’s carrots she planted with her pumpkin plant.  I taught her how to use a peeler, and she reluctantly ate her carrots with a good helping of ranch.  I think I ate the majority of them in my salads throughout the week.

My beautiful table-ruined! My princess thought it would be good to stamp my white table on Wednesday.  MY WHITE TABLE! ARGH!

Thankfully though, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does much of what it says – including get stamp ink off of painted white table tops.  A picture of the cleaned surface is below.

Many things happened on Friday and Saturday.

My oldest made Star Wars binoculars from Legos.

My oldest made Star Wars binoculars from Legos.

I placed my dried pepper seeds into packets to plant next year.

I placed my dried pepper & chile seeds into packets to plant next year.

Homemade pizza sauce using fresh roma tomatoes,  oregano & thyme from the garden was made for the zucchini crust pizza.

Homemade pizza sauce using fresh Roma tomatoes, oregano & thyme from the garden was made for the zucchini crust pizza.

A picture of our zucchini crust pizza.  Alas, I did not grow my own zucchini this year....

A picture of our zucchini crust pizza. Alas, I did not grow my own zucchini this year….

I had collected pepper seeds from store bought green and red peppers, jalapenos, and homegrown chilies given to us.  I let them dry for about a week on a paper towel, and printed out seed packets to keep them in until next year.

 I also used this recipe to make zucchini crust pizza and homemade pizza sauce.

I had to modify the recipe slightly because our oven doesn’t go up to 550-degrees as the recipe calls for, and I added almond flour instead of regular flour, due to my low-carb eating habits.

The real kicker to the recipe is the sauce.  Except for using small Roma tomatoes, I used all the other ingredients, including fresh thyme and oregano.  It-was-amazing.

Our oldest remembered that we saved a hot wheels track in the garage - so we pulled that out to play with this weekend.

Our oldest remembered that we saved a hot wheels track in the garage – so we pulled that out to play with this weekend.

I tried out a new crochet pattern to use up some yarn I have laying around....

I tried out a new crochet pattern to use up some yarn I have laying around….

We save many toys in boxes in the garage.  For some unknown reason, the oldest wanted to play with the hot wheels track set he got years and years ago.  It’s probably been in the garage for at least two years.

We took the box out on Saturday and it has been well used for the past couple days as I write this post.  I’m glad we saved it.

I also tried a new crochet pattern to use up some yarn I have laying around.  I was very grateful to find a pattern on Ravelry (become my friend there!)  The pattern itself is called The Wool Eater Blanket by Sarah London.  It works up pretty quickly and I’m using Sensations Beautiful yarn with a size K hook.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with it once I’m done, but that’s not why I crochet anyway.

The last exciting news I have to show you is my daughter’s pumpkin plant.

This is what it looked like last week, vs. this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2015 pumpkin

Saturday, August 1, 2015 pumpkin

Saturday, August 8, 2015 pumpkin.

Saturday, August 8, 2015 pumpkin.

I had no idea what to expect.  I have never grown pumpkins.  It’s getting big, it’s already beautiful, and I pray every day that one of the critters we’re fighting for our food won’t pull it out for itself.

Have a great week coming up friends!

Week One Round-Up of Fun & Crazy

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Round Up Week 1

Our #scarfie photo only took four tries to get right! I made the kids scarves and am wearing one I made for myself too.

Week one for me “ends” on Saturday, January 3, 2015.

And it has been a really rough start to the new year.

My mom went to the hospital on the first day of the new year with pain in her legs and was unable to walk around herself.  She needed an extra dialysis, which is becoming a more frequent need in her ability to function.

My father, her estranged husband who is a better grandfather than he ever was as a father, has been helping me out while I take care of my children and try to continue to keep a job and be a wife/mom/daughter/sister, etc. and this is during his own recovery from open heart surgery in November.

Some could say “crazy” is my middle name.  This week proved that I can tackle crazy like a boss.

Here’s the weekly round up of fun and crazy in the life of DeAndrasCrafts.com:

Monday - December 29 - Thank you!

Monday – December 29 – Thank you!

On Monday, I went to work and didn’t notice until almost 1015 AM that I had the “Thank You” sticker my youngest son put on me from the local supermarket.

I sent the photo to the left to my husband and told him I felt like a true mommy today!

He told me to own the sticker like a boss and continue to wear it.  I did for a while, but chickened out around lunch and took it off.

Tuesday and Wednesday (December 30 & 31) were great.  I worked out in the field on those days, something I didn’t think I was going to be doing much since going back into the office a couple of weeks ago.

I took off part of the day on the 31st so my husband could go to the doctor.  He was diagnosed with a slew of ailments, one of which was bronchitis, and was put on antibiotics with icky side-effects.  He also took it like a boss.


My daughter's Hello Kitty head is finished - direction are from the Book Hello Kitty Crochet by Mei Li Lee

My daughter’s Hello Kitty head is finished – direction are from the Book Hello Kitty Crochet by Mei Li Lee

In the afternoon of the 31st, I began working on my daughter’s Hello Kitty crocheted stuffed animal from the Hello Kitty crochet book I got for Christmas.  The pattern is definitely for a seasoned crochet-er and I’m going to have to purchase pink brads for the cheeks and some pink tulle.  I almost can’t believe I don’t have any pink tulle (for the ballerina dress, page 16) lying around….

We stayed up with the two oldest until 9 PM on the 31st, and I rang in the new year in tired mommy and daddy fashion of staying up until about 10 PM and going to bed.  My husband was in bed before I was and the only reason I stayed up was to read a chapter of Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze’s book, “Smart Money Smart Kids.”

I’m trying to read twelve (12) books this year as part of my goals, and I chose this one as the first one to complete because I’ve had it for a while and it is SO IMPORTANT!

Thursday was the day my mom went into the hospital.  She ended up getting additional dialysis, and that made her feel much better.  My father was instrumental in getting her over there, and helping me out on Friday evening when she got out.

The first of the new year wasn’t fun in our house as we are still dealing with pink eye that my youngest son brought home with him last week around Christmas.  It’s been difficult to say what the worst thing has been about the experience of pink eye – it’s either the giving-your-child-eye-drops or the fact that it doesn’t seem to go away!  Ugh.

This is my "Do Over" plan for the next 10 days.  I am planning on reconnecting with my family through writing, journaling and blogging.  #DoOverBook by Jon Acuff

This is my “Do Over” plan for the next 10 days. I am planning on reconnecting with my family through writing, journaling and blogging. #DoOverBook by Jon Acuff

The evening of Thursday, January 1, 2015 I began a 10-day challenge from the author Jon Acuff.

You can read more about this here: 10-day Do Over Challenge

So far, so good in my “Doing Over.” As I write this post I am three days into the challenge and I’ve got a game plan for blogging about our family’s weekly events, good or bad.  I’ve also started an enormous list of “To Do’s” that I plan on organizing and separating by month, by need, by want and by importance.  My Type A brain is so excited about getting organized and hopefully in the process a little more simplified (hitting those 2015 goals!)

On Friday, the two oldest and I learned how to finger knit.  I think the hardest part for me was watching and listening to my 3 (almost 4-year old) complain that he wasn’t doing it.  After working with my five year old daughter, I’ve determined that finger knitting is definitely for children ages (mature) 5 years old and up (at least in my family.)

We used Lion Brand Homespun yarn. – Click on the link to look at it on Amazon.

RUW1-Finger KnittingThe 9-year old was able to catch onto the pattern of wrapping the yarn around the fingers easily, something the 5-year old wasn’t able to grasp as easily and I had to watch her wrap the yarn around her fingers so she wouldn’t miss a loop.  We watch a video by Fiber Flux on You Tube, and although the oldest admitted it was cool to learn, he was done after about 15-minutes or so.  The five year old spent a little more time with it, but she too was done after 20-minutes.  We were all trying to keep our hands to ourselves (so the pink eye could stop being spread around) and I was hoping this was going to take more time up during the day.

Oh well.

I was blessed Saturday morning by my children not getting out of bed until 7 AM.  My coffee was hot and I turned on the fireplace to blog by the fire.  It was a day of taking down the Christmas tree and putting all the Christmas stuff away.  It seems bittersweet but like we tell our children, it’s all about making Christmas a special time of year.

For next week: I am hoping and praying for normalcy to resume in our household once again next week.  It was a productive week though, despite the unfortunate interruptions of having to get my mom from the hospital and dealing with a sick husband and pink-eyed kiddos. I’m hoping to start my goal board this week and get the kids excited about doing life together.

The DeAndrasCrafts Contest on Instructables – Results

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I can’t believe I haven’t shared with you the results from my DeAndras Crafts Instructables Contest.

Wait no further!

I couldn’t have been more pleased with the entries and the winners.  There was a total of forty-six (46) entries and it was difficult to narrow down the list to the 10 winners you see below.  That was one of the things I had to do!

Prizes were listed in the previous post about the contest if you would like to see what they’ve won.

Grand Prize

Mixed Media Festoon Pendent by watchmeflyy
Mixed Media Festoon Pendent by watchmeflyy

Judges Prize – The best charitable project entry in my opinion.  I got to pick the winner!

First Prize Winners (3)

My notes: The hat is amazing as it uses a chain stitch glued onto a hat.  What a simple yet effective idea.  I also love the flowers in the kusudama and may make those for other reasons!


Crochet Kusudama by ChrysN

Crochet Kusudama
by ChrysN

Runner Up (5)

Out of the five patterns below, I think the crocheted whale is the cutest!  I love how the author incorporated little felt pieces as part of the face.

Crocheted Whale by Little Dragon and Company

Crocheted Whale
by Little Dragon and Company

  Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock by lindarose92

Embroidered Vintage Wall Clock
by lindarose92

 I hope you get to check out some of the Instructables above.  My passion for opening up the conversation about using your talents to serve others is ongoing.

Please let me know if you have a yarn-craft pattern that you would like to feature here on this site that you can share with others to give away for charity.  Have a blessed day!


The DeAndrasCrafts Yarn Craft Contest

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UPDATED: The contest is now closed and you can see the results here.  This post shows all the prizes that the winners received.  If you read this blog post and you were an entrant, I AM VERY PROUD OF YOU!

You know that feeling you get when you are both proud and excited?

Hopefully you do because it’s a pretty cool feeling.

I would like to present to you, along with Instructables.com, the DeAndrasCrafts Yarn Contest.

DeAndrasCrafts Yarn Craft ContestThe Contest itself was presented to me a little over two months ago, and I got to pick the prizes.  When I proposed the yarn craft contest to the Instructables folks, I was able to add a brief description of how important I believe using your talents for charities are.

In my case, and what the contest was able to reflect that was important to me, was two different charities.

The first charity is Senior Paws Elder Dog Rescue.

This is Jafari. Jafari from Senior Paws Rescue in FresnoHe is our foster dog from Senior Paws.  He was found on the street and was guessed to be about 10 years old.  He is completely blind and bumps into things more than I would have imagined.

But, he’s the sweetest, softest dog I have ever met.  I believe that taking care of this animal is part of my service to the Lord Almighty.  I know my own parents would disagree, but it’s how I feel.

I will write up a separate post about my experience of being a dog-foster mom soon!

The second charity that I got to mention is called Threads of Love.

The church I attend has a description of all the items that we accept, and small blankets to cover the babies are no exception. The site link is: College Church of Christ, Threads of Love Mission.

I wrote an Instructable on how to crochet the blanket you see here. Mini Square BlanketThe blanket is relatively easy to make due to its size, and I try to make one every month.  (I used to be better at it so I emphasize the word TRY.) Granny square style Threads of Love blanket example.I know there are so many charities that will accept handmade items, and although the contest is specifically for yarn & thread craft, I know many charities will accept sewn items.

A run down of the prizes is as follows:

Grand Prize includes:
Samsung WB250F 14.2MP CMOS Smart Digital Camera

Transcend 32 GB Flash Memory Card

Case Logic DCB-302 Compact Case for Camera

The Grand Prize, the Judges Prize and the First Prize winners also get:

Chemo Caps & Wraps
(Crochet Patterns)
Crochet Lite Hook, Size H & I, that you can find over at

I hope you check the contest out and please feel free to message me on Instructables for a free digital gift!

Tips for Taking Yarn Projects on Vacation

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Tips for taking yarn projectsContinuing with my notes-to-self series of going on vacation to Yosemite, I’m going to list my best tips/suggestions for taking my crocheting projects with me.  There is SO MUCH DIRT, that I’m sure some people think there’s no way he/she would take yarn projects camping with them but thankfully, I’ve done it before and been very successful at it too.

We are blessed to be going to a camping facility where there is a concrete floor and raised beds where we sleep, even though we are as-close-to-nature as I’d like to be right outside the door.  Nevertheless, it’s very hard to keep things clean, and keeping my crocheting projects clean are no exception.  But hey, thankfully there’s washing machines waiting when we get back!

The first thing to do before I pack: Decide which projects to take.

Tip No. 1: Take Smaller Projects.

I have so many things I want to do, namely off “My crochet dreams” Pinterest board.

I also have an extensive list of unfinished projects, and could always find a way to incorporate the smaller ones into the things I’m going to take.

Don’t have smaller projects that could fit in a gallon sized sealed bag?  Thankfully free crochet patterns are everywhere!

Get free crochet patterns like afghans, baby projects and more! Download one today!

Tip No. 2: Have printed copies of all the instructions – if they have one.

I know how it is for seasoned crocheters – I think I’m going to remember the pattern because I’ve worked on it before.  What I found in my travels though is that if I don’t have the pattern handy, my mind goes blank from some sort of “vacation brain” syndrome that I’m sure exists, and I forget/forgot how to do a pattern.

So while we’re camping and I don’t have internet service to look up most of the free patterns I need, I will be printing my patterns and putting them with the yarn I bring.

Tip No. 3: Place your work in 1-gallon or 2-gallon sized Ziploc or seal-able plastic bags, and take extra bags.

Seal-able plastic bags are a must when we go on vacations, namely to store dirty keepsakes (like shells from the beach) or (ahem) that extra dirty underwear that’s just to cute to throw out (or is it because I’m too cheap?)

You’ll see all my work in plastic bags, in my crocheting bag when I’m traveling pretty much anywhere.  I include the pattern and if I have an extra, I even put the size of crochet hook, even though I have a crochet hook holder that I bring.  I just want everything in one place.

Tip No. 4: Be realistic about what you can accomplish.

I say this to remind myself.

While packing for the upcoming trip, I literally grabbed ten small projects right away to consider taking.

RIGHT AWAY!  They are close enough for me to grab and go if needed.

I also have kids, so my time is limited to the mornings when they haven’t woken up or the evenings when they’ve gone to bed.

Tip No. 5: Bring baby wipes and hand sanitizer to help keep work “clean.”

Said with a sarcastic smile, I know how much those baby wipes and sanitizer are handy for every other possible senario other than crocheting, but, it’s a must for me when I’m camping to take both and have them close by while I work on my crocheting projects.

I personally ended up choosing three projects and I’ll update this post with the status of what I was able to accomplish when the trip is over.

So if you’re curious, here’s what I’m planning on bringing:

My Glittery & Glamorus ShrugGlittery & Glamorus Shrug

One of those projects that I grabbed quickly because its nearby, I don’t think I’ve worked on this project for over a year.  I really want to finish it this year, as I’d like to wear it by Christmas.  It’s also listed in my UFO post.

A Crocheted Square Yellow HatCrocheted Square Yellow HatInstructable Robot Square Crocheted Hat
A personal pattern I came up with, I was selected by Instructables to “host” a yarn & thread craft contest.  The excitement I have for this opportunity is understated by this sentence.  (I AM SO EXCITED!)

Anyway, I am providing an Instructable Robot Hat as one of the prizes and I need to make it!  It’s going with me as it’s a small & easy project that I can complete within a couple of hours.

Crocheted Chunky Pattern Basketwool-ease yarn for a chunky basketThe yarn will be used to make this, a free pattern from Crochet in Color:

A project I am excited to start, the project instructions suggested a size L hook.  I didn’t have one so I bought a Crochet Dude Plastic Crochet Hook Set.

Do you have any other tips or suggestions for taking crochet projects on vacation?  I’m personally looking forward to not being plugged into the world for a week.  Crocheting is my hobby and I look forward to spending some hobby time on my down time while camping!

Crocheted Sponge Bob Square Hat

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My favorite site, other than Pinterest, is Instructables.com.

I “got started” in the web world on that site and am excited for the new opportunities it has given me in the near future.

Fair warning – that site can be addictive, almost as much as Pinterest. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway, you are here for a Sponge Bob Square Crochet Hat Pattern.

SpongeBob Square HatMy three-year old asked for this hat.

I consider this pattern an easy pattern, and if you need crochet help, you can use one of the Instructables from this Collection: How to Crochet on Instructables, or a tutorial from Craftsy.

It took me about two hours to crochet the cap/beanie. Sponge Bob‘s embellishments took me about four (4) hours to make and sew on, but I was taking photos in that time too. Sponge Bob Square Hat Pattern Link

As with all of my free patterns, please feel free to make and sell anything you make from them. Do not use my photos and do not call this pattern your own. In all cases, please give me credit for the pattern and better yet, link to the Instructable or this web post.

A shout out to the basis of the square crocheted hat: Rachel’s Hat by Leslie Rudden.

I wrote my own pattern and instructions to make the square hat, and included gauge in the Instructable.

The instructions have full details and photos for three types of characters, including the Instructable Robot, Sponge Bob and Wall-E, all made from the same square yellow hat.Crochet Square Hat Pattern Link

The thing that took me the longest to make was the Instructable.  It took over a week and lets just say it was a labor of love for the site.  As always, I’m trying to win a contest (for the Instructable Robot hat) so wish me luck!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial on Instructables.  It’s called Crocheted Square Hat – Instructable Robot, Sponge Bob & Wall-E.

Drop me a line on the site that you found the pattern through this site and I’ll send you an emailed gift!

Sponge Bob Square Hat Pattern Link

Pastel Waves – My 1st Finished UFO

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So if you’re not a knitter/crocheter, I hope you didn’t come to this post thinking you were going to see a photo of a UFO against the ocean waves in a sunset.

I’m sorry if you did.

I’m a full-time working mommy who loves to crochet and finished one of my Un-Finished Objects (UFO) that I had stashed away in my garage for the past eight years.  Yes, eight years!  It happens when you fall in love with a craft (or maybe it’s called obsessed, I’m not sure.)

Pastel Waves Blanket from Our Best Baby AfghansI finished!

If you are a crocheter looking for inspiration to complete your project, I hope I can give you some.

I finally completed a project sitting in my garage for eight years!  It’s time to celebrate!  And it was just in time for one of my relatives having his and his wife’s first child.

Pastel Waves blanket from Our Best Baby AfghansThis was the first project of the UFO post I wanted (and did!) complete.

This pattern is called ‘Pastel Waves’ and is from the Leisure Arts published book, “Our Best Baby Afghans.”

My review of the pattern: A beautiful blanket, the half of the project that I recently completed took a total of twenty (20) hours, so I would estimate that the project took anywhere from thirty-six (36) to forty (40) hours.  (It took a while and I think that’s why I originally stopped working on it.)  It was a well written pattern with an amazing result.page out of book for pastel waves pattern

I kind of wish I had picked one color, rather than going with the pink and blue as shown in the book.  Oh well.  It’s done.  I also did not like sewing in all the ends, but I didn’t cut the white (as recommended in the pattern) so I carried it over to the next time it was used.  The edging covered the white yarn carried over the edge thus there was less yarn to sew into the blanket.

Pastel Waves - fully spread out Pastel Waves - patternA close up of the stitch.  Isn’t it georgeous?

I hope they like it.  The baby shower is this weekend and I’m going to have to mail it.

Perfect timing and it’s leaving my house.  Stash yarn was used and I am patting myself on the back. Whew!

See it here on Ravelry.  Please feel free to share!

My List of Crocheted U.F.O.’s (Un-Finished Objects!)

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Completing my Unfinished ObjectsAs I pursue the fine art of completing crocheting projects, I bring to you the reality of the U.F.O. or Un-Finished Object.  I will try to update this page as I complete each project.  If you’re really interested, come check me out and friend me on Ravelry, as I post pretty much everything I crochet on that site.

Project No. 1: Coming from the Leisure Arts book called “Our Best Baby Afghans” is the first blanket I am completing (and is currently in my bag) called Pastel Waves.

Pastel Waves blanket from Our Best Baby AfghansI would estimate I started this blanket over eight years ago, before my first child was born.  <Big sigh.>  I’m starting with it first because it’s more than half-way through.  (That’s my logic anyway!)

Project No. 2: From the site Free-Crochet.com, this pattern is called the Amish Print Crochet Afghan.  This unfinished project is probably about six to seven years old, and I used scrap yarn to make most of it up to now.  I hope to complete this project and I will probably give it to my local homeless shelter, unless one of my family members want it.

Amish Print Crochet Afghan U.F.O.

Project No. 3: Lion Brand’s Glittery Shrug.  It’s an intermediate crochet pattern and I do like a challenge.Glittery Shrug U.F.O.A project I started as a crochet-along on Ravelry, I worked on this piece you see for months.  I’m not fond of smaller crochet hooks, but I’ve also never made anything for myself that I could wear on my body (only hats.)  I really like the color of the yarn and I hope to finish it soon, although I was a larger size when I started it.  We’ll just have to see how it looks when it’s done.

Project No. 4: Heart Squares – I couldn’t find the original pattern for this but I do recall it was on the back of a Jamie Brand Yarn label. I plan on completing rectangles to join these hearts with and crocheting an edging around the whole thing. Seems simple enough.

Heart Squares Stack of U.F.O.'s

Project No. 5: From the book The Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans: Crochet, this pattern is called Hiking Trip, designed by Kelly Robinson. I was shocked to see how much this book was worth on Amazon.

Hiking Trip U.F.O from the Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans

Project No. 6: Blooming Flowers – Another stash yarn project, I couldn’t find the pattern that matched this blanket exactly either! I’m going to have to find it, or write it up, as the closest thing I found in my library was from a book called Big Book of Scrap Crochet Afghans by the House of White Birches. The pattern it resembles the most, but I know is not exact, is Blooms at the Beach by Katherine Eng.

Beach Blooms U.F.O. ProjectI’m not really big on making motifs, but I know I started this project to use up my ever expanding scrap yarn pile. I learned that I get really bored sewing up motifs. I know I can’t be the only one.

Oh well. It will get done. I know it.

Ten Crocheted Projects for Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn

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10 Crocheted Projects w/LB Wool-Ease Thick & Quick YarnI recently got a stash of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick Yarn from the flea market.  It was an amazing deal of 7-1/4 skeins for $5.  (Score!)

Most of the skeins are full, two are unlabeled, and one is actually a Loops & Threads (Michaels Brand) Charisma labeled yarn.

Because I have an unbelievable amount of yarn, I don’t go looking for yarn on purpose, but knowing how much these skeins are worth individually, I JUST COULDN’T pass it up.  Many some of you can relate….

Anyway, because all the colors are different, I looked up the Lion Brand Website to find some patterns that I could potentially use this yarn for.   I’m a crocheter, so the patterns are all crochet patterns. The best thing about this thick yarn is the large sized hooks!  All the pattern listed use a size N-hook or bigger.

Here’s my list of projects I came up with for this specific type of yarn that I look forward to trying to use up in the near future.

Save up to 80% on Yarn at Craftsy!

(1) This is definitely something that I could use for my own little girl or make as a gift for a new mom of a little girl.

Girls’ Ruffled Edge HatRuffle Edged Hat

(2) I love bags, especially ones I make on my own that don’t make me look like a grandma.  This a bag that could easily be one of my “What’s in My Bag” stories for smaller projects or using for a quick trip to the grocery store.  (I have three kids so that happens A LOT!)

Two Toned BagTwo Tone bag

(3) I’ve made this pattern for the granny dog sweater with worsted weight yarn before.  The pattern works up very easily and can be made for different sized dogs.  I personally make dog sweaters and donate them to the local dog shelter.

Granny Square Dog SweaterGranny Square Dog Sweater
(4) This looks like a cute scarf that I would actually wear!  The pattern states that it uses one ball of Wool-Ease Thick and Quick.

Flirty Ruffle ScarfFlirty Ruffle Scarf

(5) Based off the extremely successful movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
this cowl is a trendy thing that I think would be envied by many.  It uses four (4) balls of the Thick & Quick yarn, so if I wanted to make it I’d had to purchase the other skeins of the same color.

District 12 Cowl WrapDistrict 12 Cowl Wrap

(6) One skein of this yarn could be used to make this warm-looking cowl and the Lion Brand Website has the pattern shown completed in different colors.

Open Work Crocheted CowlCowl

(7) These beanie pattern could be used for a quick gift, or saved up for a Christmas gift for those people you may have get something for at the last minute!

Family of Beanies PatternBeanie

(8) Something I think this skeins were made for was this kid-friendly blanket.  This yarn is extremely soft, so I could imagine giving the blanket to a one-year old or a new mom who loves color.

Baby ThrowBaby Throw

(9) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE all things pumpkin.  These adorable little gourds are perfect for the colors I got!

Thanksgiving GourdsThanksgiving Gourds

(10) Last but not least, what crocheting list would be complete without a afghan pattern?  Obviously in my case, I would have to purchase a significant number of skeins to finish this pattern off, but the colors I got in my stash lend themselves well to use for this throw.

Lacy Stripes ThrowLacy Strips Throw

I hope this list helps you!  I’m glad I’ve got the links in one place now so I can reference it. Keep crocheting friends!

This post is not affiliated with the Lion Brand name.  Just a blogging working mommy posting about her life.

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What’s in My Bag – R2D2 Beanie

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R2D2 Beanie from the Star Wars Craft BookI recently finished my first R2D2 Crocheted (Slouchy) Beanie.

It’s a copy-written pattern from The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie Burton. Star Wars Craft Book has a pattern for an R2D2 beanie

I give my review of the pattern on Ravelry, but in a nut-shell, it’s not a pattern for beginners, and the gauge was a little off.

I used an old Red Heart royal blue yarn and silver Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarn.

Again, I stress, I CANNOT put the pattern here on this website!  Sorry, but I’m not breaking any copyright rules that way. Pattern marked & ready!

Just buy the book from Amazon, or put it on your wish list for your birthday.  (That’s how I got it!)

~~~~~~~~~I do have personal photos of every round that I am going to share with you below.~~~~~~~~~

Few warnings: (1) Although I did the gauge, I should have used a size G-hook.  (2) I made one mistake and very clearly marked it on the photo of that round.  (3) I re-wrote several rounds.  Those rounds are written here, but have NOT been checked for consistency.  I’m not sure if I will make another hat, although I want to.

Let’s begin with gauge –

To do the gauge: Row 1 -ch 13, dc in third chain from the hook, turn; row 2-ch 3, dc in next st (counts as first dc) & across (12) dc sts

To do the gauge: Row 1 -ch 13, dc in third chain from the hook, turn; row 2-ch 3, dc in next st (counts as first dc) & across (12) dc sts

This is the H-hook gauge, closer to what is asked for in the book and what I used to actually make the beanie.

This is the H-hook gauge, closer to what is asked for in the book and what I used to actually make the beanie.

G-hook gauge compared to H-hook gauge

G-hook gauge compared to H-hook gauge

Here are the photos of my beanie, complete with descriptions.  I hope it helps you!


End of round 1.

End of round 2.

End of round 2.

End of round 3.

End of round 3.

End of round 4.

End of round 4.

End of round 5.

End of round 5.

End of round 6.

End of round 6.

Outside view of round 7 complete.

Outside view of round 7 complete.

Inside view of round 7 complete.

Inside view of round 7 complete.

End of round 8.

End of round 8.


End of round 9.  This row begins the blue part of the eye background.

End of round 9. This row begins the blue part of the eye background.

As stated in the pattern, you will be carrying the yarn off and on throughout the remaining part of the hat.

As stated in the pattern, you will be carrying the yarn off and on throughout the remaining part of the hat.

Photo collage of round 10.

Photo collage of round 10.

I re-wrote round 11 – Sc in first st, sc in next 4 sts, 2 sc in next st, *sc in the next 5 sts, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * to * 2 more times, sc with gray in the next st switching to blue, sc w/blue in next 10 sc, switch to gray in last st of blue, sc with gray in next st, ** sc in next 5sts, 2 sc in next st**, repeat from ** to ** 4 more times; join w/sl st to first st.  (If sts are remaining, sc in each st to slip st to first sc of round.)

Round 11 - I MADE A MISTAKE!  Don't do it.  you can get the eye section to match by ending the blue on the last stitch of blue.

Round 11 – I MADE A MISTAKE! Don’t do it. you can get the eye section to match by ending the blue on the last stitch of blue.

Again, I’m not perfect, and I messed up this row.  But I fixed it in the end.

Hints on round 12.

Hints on round 12.

I re-wrote rounds 13 and 14:

Round 13 – Place a marker in the 19th gray dc to the left of LCS (eye patch.)  Sc in joining st, *sc in next 6 sts, 2 sc in next st*, repeat from * to * 3 more times, switching to blue in last st for LCS; carry and drop yarn as in previous rounds, w/blue sc in next 11 sts.  Drop blue yarn but carry it under sts.  W/gray, **sc in next 7 sts, 2sc in next st**, repeat from ** to ** once more; w/blue sc in next 2 sts, drop and carry blue yarn, w/gray sc in next 9sts, 2 sc in next st, w/blue sc in next st, w/gray sc in next st, w/blue, sc in next st, w/gray sc in until last st.  Join w/sl st to first sc.

Note: The pattern suggests to finish off the blue yarn and re-start it.  I chose to carry it through, and you can kind-of see it in the finished product.  It’s your choice.

Round 14 – Place a marker 5 sc to the right of the right edge of the LCS (eye patch area).  W/gray ch 1, sc in same st, *sc in next 8 sc, 2 sc in next st*, repeat from * to * 2 more times; w/blue sc in next 4 sts, w/gray sc in next st, w/blue, sc in next 11 sts; finish off blue.  W/gray **sc in next 8 sts, 2 sc in next st**, repeat from ** to ** once more, sc until the last st of row, 2 sc in last st.  Join w/sl st to first st.

This collage shows both rounds 13 and 14.

This collage shows both rounds 13 and 14.

This collage shows the front and back of rounds 15 and 16.

This collage shows the front and back of rounds 15 and 16.

This is the front of the crocheted part of the hat complete.  I just need to weave in the ends.  (I know you see the mistake!)

This is the front of the crocheted part of the hat complete. I just need to weave in the ends. (I know you see the mistake!)

This is the back of the finished pattern of the beanie.

This is the back of the finished pattern of the beanie.

I sewed on buttons rather than crocheted embellishments for the eye and the red spot on the front.  R2-hat red button

I hope you make one too!  I love mine and its currently too hot to wear it, but you bet I’ll be wearing it this winter.  When and if I have time (hear me laughing in the background) I want to make one each for my family!  <Big sigh.  I can dream can’t I?>

R2D2 Beanie