Six Things I Learned from my Personal Trainer

6-things I learned from a PTOne of the hardest parts of learning for me is remembering what I learned.

The beauty of having a blog is that I get to “remind myself” of what’s important by writing it out and this post is one of them.

This post is a follow up to my Celebrating 6-months with a Personal Trainer story.

Lesson 1 from a PT: I have to be realisticOne of the things my trainer is able to do is take a fat measurement test by using a Caliper.

My original results were 29% fat content, but I also learned that I couldn’t really lose more than 40-pounds without losing muscle and being unhealthy.

Wait – what?

He told me to look at how my fingers wrap around my wrist.  They touch each other, and overlap them a tiny bit.  When my thin friends do this, they can overlap their fingers and then some.  What this can show is that I can only lose a certain amount of weight and still be healthy, but I will never be a size 4.  (Not that I would ever want to be!)  I can only be a certain healthy weight for my size and body type.

The first month was difficult for me to get through, primarily because I gained a pound.  With the fat measurement test though, my trainer was able to tell me that I gained a pound in muscle and lost almost 1% fat in one month.  <Insert a big sigh.>

Not something that I was ready for, but at least I understood it.

Lesson 2 from a PT: I can do anything I put my mind to.Lesson No. 2 was under the presumption that I understood Lesson No. 1 – that I have to be realistic about it, of course.

During the second month of training, my trainer had me go on a strict two-week diet of protein, carrots and vegetables.  I ate salad for breakfast because I don’t like eggs.  I had carrots for one of my snacks EVERY DAY and didn’t eat bread at all for those two weeks.  It was hard.  But in the end, he told me those words – I can do anything I put my mind to.

I lost four pounds that month.

Lesson 3 from a PT: I am doing something awesome.One of the things I had to get through my head was that even though I couldn’t see the results on the scale, the inside of my body was changing.  I was doing something that was awesome and I can’t fathom it even now.  I lost two pounds in the third month and started noticing the changes in how my clothes were fitting.

Lesson 4 from a PT: A little pain is a good thing.

I didn’t mind the pain, or better described as soreness, as you should never be in actual pain while working out.

I never enjoyed exercising prior to month five with my trainer.  I talk about this more in the previous post – Celebrating 6-months with a Personal Trainer.

I did enjoy yoga, but we weren’t doing yoga when I was lifting weights, doing the all mighty burpee, and this evil goblet-squat thing that I learned to do with a kettlebell.

So on came the analyzing.

I personally associated doing yoga with stress-relief.  It took me over four months to associate these exercises with Aaron (my trainer) as stress relief as well, but that’s what it was doing.  As my waist was shrinking, I was feeling less stressed.  I began looking at the 4:30 PM sessions as a new way to let go of my day and hit the end of the day hard with all the night-time mommy duties that awaited me when I got home.

Lesson 5 from a PT: I have to learn to not need him.My husband and I originally discussed a 6-month plan of using a personal trainer.  By month five, I was hooked on strength training and couldn’t imagine not having this in my life anymore!  What was I supposed to do?

Aaron did what he did best – suggest that I start walking on the off-days.

Ugh.  I had just gotten used to this whole exercising thing and was enjoying it.  How can I possibly squeeze in more exercise?

I started on a Saturday night, after putting my younger kids to bed.  He told me that 30-minutes should do it and that’s all I was planning on doing.  I began walking and it was really boring.  I was trying to think of good, happy thoughts but they weren’t coming to me.  About half-way through my neighborhood loop I decided to try to jog.

“Why not?  I was more fit now wasn’t I?”  I thought to myself.

I jogged for a few minutes until I felt like throwing up.

I walked some more to catch my breath and began jogging again until again, I felt like throwing up.

I continued to do this off and on until my thrity minutes were up, definately walking more than jogging but you know what – I was jogging for part of it.

Completely exhausted when I got home, I told my husband what I had done.  I didn’t use any apps, I didn’t write down how many minutes I jogged, but I was so excited I even did it at all.

I jogged again off and on the next day and when I saw my personal trainer again, we talked about jogging as a part of this whole learning-to-not-need-him part of life.  I got to buy a new pair of running shoes, and shopping is always a fun part of losing weight and getting healthy.

Lesson 6 from a PT: There is no such thing as dieting.Last but not least, I had to learn to eat.

Go with me on this.  I knew how to consume food – you can say it was a specialty of mine and my weaknesses were popcorn and icecream.  I had to learn to eat the right things to be and feel healthy.

At the beginning of the forth month, my trainer gave me a lifestyle eating plan (called Precision Nutrition) which I have been using faithfully.  It includes a variety of different foods, including recipes for super shakes which I discovered I enjoy tremendously and still can’t believe that I’m “drinking” spinach.  I eat what’s called “Reese’s cottage cheese” and understand more about the types of food that cause me to lose weight slower than other foods.

The knowledge is the power at this point.

I said it before and I’ll say it again.  I’m only posting this and the previous post about my Personal Training experience to encourage you.

I’m your average working mommy – too many commitments, more than enough excuses to NOT do things, and my children are growing up way to fast.

But in my case, I am not going to be like my mother.  I am going to show my children that taking care of their bodies and being healthy by eating good foods is important.  I am going to be proactive and care for them by using the gifts God gave me including organizing and scheduling and being there for them as much as I can.

I’ve gotten through these six months by going on a meal break and indulging in foods I love to eat every once in a while (maybe three meals a week.)  I’ve surrounded myself with people that encourage me and joined a fitness accountability group on Facebook.  I joined the office weight loss pool this month and am looking forward to winning.

I learned more about myself in the past six months than I probably have in the past six years.

That knowledge is power.

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