Resurrection Eggs-A New Easter Tradition

Ressurection Eggs - The Easter Story with KidsI say this is a “new” Easter Tradition, as I’ve been wanting to do something like this for years.

My oldest son is 8-years old and right when he turned four, I just given birth to his sister.  Our youngest came 15-months later, and raising three “little” kids is harder than you think before you have them.

Now that we have entered the sweet spot (the ages of not-as-dependent as babies) of parenting I get the chance to do stuff like this and I am so excited.  I put my own twist on everything, but these Resurrection Eggs were copied almost directly from the Church House Collection.  Gotta love the internet.

First I printed the free printables from the Church House Collection’s website, and I made my own cover for the top of the egg carton.  We also used Mod Podge, a sharpie marker and a 1-inch sponge brush.

Materials Used

My daughter was the only one who wanted to help me with this simple project.  While I cut the printed items, I had my daughter put the plastic eggs in a recycled egg container.  She decided she wanted to put them in a pattern.

Keeping the little helper busy.

Cut the printables.

We started with labeling the eggs, one through twelve. Label Eggs Numerically

Labeled eggs

The next step (in our case) was to glue the John 3:16 verse on top of the egg container.  We put glue on both the carton and the cardstock I printed the verse on.  Glue

After gluing the cover down, I glued the description of each day (also on the original printable,) onto the inside of the lid of the carton.  My daughter worked on organizing the egg inserts. Summary of Each Day of Eggs & Verses

Placing the inserts in order.The last step in our case was to put the paper-verse inserts into their respective eggs.  My daughter helped every step of the way and the whole project took less than 20-minutes to do. img_0459

All my kids are looking forward to opening an egg every day.

As I love to craft with my kids, I am planning a schedule of events with every day, trying to correlate the verse and concept with the day into the craft.  I will post that soon and update this post when it’s done.

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