Pastel Waves – My 1st Finished UFO

So if you’re not a knitter/crocheter, I hope you didn’t come to this post thinking you were going to see a photo of a UFO against the ocean waves in a sunset.

I’m sorry if you did.

I’m a full-time working mommy who loves to crochet and finished one of my Un-Finished Objects (UFO) that I had stashed away in my garage for the past eight years.  Yes, eight years!  It happens when you fall in love with a craft (or maybe it’s called obsessed, I’m not sure.)

Pastel Waves Blanket from Our Best Baby AfghansI finished!

If you are a crocheter looking for inspiration to complete your project, I hope I can give you some.

I finally completed a project sitting in my garage for eight years!  It’s time to celebrate!  And it was just in time for one of my relatives having his and his wife’s first child.

Pastel Waves blanket from Our Best Baby AfghansThis was the first project of the UFO post I wanted (and did!) complete.

This pattern is called ‘Pastel Waves’ and is from the Leisure Arts published book, “Our Best Baby Afghans.”

My review of the pattern: A beautiful blanket, the half of the project that I recently completed took a total of twenty (20) hours, so I would estimate that the project took anywhere from thirty-six (36) to forty (40) hours.  (It took a while and I think that’s why I originally stopped working on it.)  It was a well written pattern with an amazing out of book for pastel waves pattern

I kind of wish I had picked one color, rather than going with the pink and blue as shown in the book.  Oh well.  It’s done.  I also did not like sewing in all the ends, but I didn’t cut the white (as recommended in the pattern) so I carried it over to the next time it was used.  The edging covered the white yarn carried over the edge thus there was less yarn to sew into the blanket.

Pastel Waves - fully spread out Pastel Waves - patternA close up of the stitch.  Isn’t it georgeous?

I hope they like it.  The baby shower is this weekend and I’m going to have to mail it.

Perfect timing and it’s leaving my house.  Stash yarn was used and I am patting myself on the back. Whew!

See it here on Ravelry.  Please feel free to share!

One thought on “Pastel Waves – My 1st Finished UFO

  1. OMG! I found a picture of this done in pink and soft gray about a year ago, fell in love with the picture and saved it. Have spent several times looking for the pattern. No luck. Finally, today I just started to click on every picture of it I could find. Took about 1 1/2 hrs. ’til I clicked on yours. To my great joy you have the picture of the pattern. I am one happy camper!!! I have a new great-niece due in May and now I can make my favorite baby blanket for her.
    THANK YOU for sharing!

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