My Affliates – “Your what?”

A non-blogger understanding of how to make money from a blog.

As a rather newbie blogger, I can’t write the book on how to make money by owning and operating a blog.

I can however, write a blog post about what a mommy blogger knows about “Affiliates” and tell it to you in a way that will hopefully make sense, because I only speak ~mommy blogger code~ otherwise known as “simple language.”

So here’s the deal –

I was am trying to sign up with a new affiliate company, namely Flex Offers.  They are over at

They specifically asked me to use their name on a webpage, so that they would know that I own the domain name and that means they want to make sure I own the name “”

Edited to add – I got accepted.  Thank you Flex Offers.  It’s an excellent site.

Okay, so now that’s out of the way….

What’s an affiliate?

The DeAndrasCrafts Answer (with help from my marketing genius husband):

Being an affiliate is where I as a webpage owner send traffic to another site, and I get a tiny commission from the other site if some other person clicks on the link on my webpage and purchases something.

With each affiliate company, Step 1 is to get approved by the company that you are going to try to make sales for them.

The four three companies I currently have affiliates with are: (they call us associates, not affiliates)

Commission Junction (,

and now Flex Offers.

How do you make money?

An affiliate company is just an online company that runs the affiliate links for other major corporations.  After you get approved to become an affiliate with the parent affiliate company, Step 2 is to become friends with the advertisers (aka merchants.)

This can be harder than it seems.  I’ve been rejected by both JoAnn’s and Target, two major corporations that I spend a portion of my own salary shopping at.  But that’s okay.  I’m sure they have their reasons and I will be trying to get approved to show their advertising links another day.  And yes, I still shop there.

Once you’ve been approved to use the website links as an affiliate, then you can use the advertising code provided by the affiliate company.  (That’s Step 3.) Learning code can be a tiny bit tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s not as hard as it seems it would be.

Some more interesting info:

Each advertiser has his/her own commission rates.  This means that if you buy something from a Walgreens link on my page it will pay differently than a link from Craftsy.

I am very picky with my advertisers.  I don’t want to advertise companies that I wouldn’t personally shop at.  That’s just my thing.

One last tidbit of information – I don’t try to overwhelm you with advertising.  That’s one of my personal pet peeves when on a website.  I’m sure that method is working for many bloggers, but because I primarily keep this website up as a means to communicate my thoughts to my family and friends, I try to minimize the flashy ads to the banner links at the bottom of each post, and the text links throughout the blog post.

I do however, include affiliate links throughout my post.  USUALLY, but not always, the links embedded in my post (such as this one for to a website that refer to a product or that sells something, is an affiliate link, where if you purchase something, I will get credit for that purchase.  That’s how it works.

To Summarize on how to become an affiliate ~

Step 1: Get approved by an affiliate company.  The ones I use are listed above.

Step 2: Get approved by the advertisers to use their links.  More on my advertisers below.

Step 3: Use the code links provided from the advertisers on your webpage for people to click on and hopefully buy something from.

Finally, I present to you my current advertisers, you know, just in case you need anything…. 😉

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