Making Bread – Day 2 of Resurrection Crafts

Make Bread - Day 2 of Resurrection CraftsThis is the second day of my 12 Days of Resurrection Crafts series.

Day two from the Resurrection Eggs Easter craft comes from Matthew 26:26, and is represented by bread.

We have a Breadman Ultimate bread maker, a perfect machine for the occasional bread/pretzel dough/jam making family that we are.  (The link takes you to Amazon showing a newer version of our bread maker.)  It’s worked well and is over 8-years old and still runs great.

We used the recipe book to make the bread, and we had all the ingredients for the basic white bread recipe, including yeast, bread flour, oil, sugar, and salt.

The bread maker has a setting that allows for all the ingredients to be placed into the bread maker insert directly.adding salt to the dough

adding yeast to the mix
According to the directions, the ingredients have to be added in a particular order, and more yeast is needed if the bread maker is set for a rapid setting.

We set the bread for the 1-pound rapid setting, so it was done in two-and-a-half (2-1/2) hours. watching the dough getting mixed

It was a little dry, and my husband thinks that was because we didn’t eat it straight from the pan when it was done.  bread is doneThe kids still enjoyed it with butter on top, and we got to enjoy the time together.

We prayed before we enjoyed it, to get the full effect of the time Christ prayed before breaking bread with his disciples.  That’s what it’s all about anyway!

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