I had a bad day, but….

Romans 12:2a

Romans 12:2a

So I had a bad day.

A really bad day.

It started out with an evaluation from work, where I received an overall, “Needs Improvement” evaluation.

After calling my husband and getting a good cry out, I had an hour-long drive to the project I’m working on.  I spent that hour mulling over what to do and in a nutshell, I realized I have to conform.

I hate to conform.

I do not conform.


But I will have to.

I took this verse to heart on my drive.  I will have to conform to the worldly-tasks associated with the things listed in my evaluation, even though it means keeping my mouth shut and I’ve never been good at that.

But they cannot take away my spirit.  They cannot take away my own ‘renewing of my mind’ that the Lord has given me to choose Him over the job.

I prayed for my supervisor and his supervisor (the two responsible for the evaluation).  I prayed for my co-workers.  I thanked God for my husband and his remarkable understanding.  I thanked God the project I am on is going so well, so far.

The rest of the day was spent finding problems – more mistakes I made!  Why today?

This won’t be easy.  My supervisors will be watching how I handle situations.  The Lord always is.  I will work on pleasing Him, because in the end, He’s the only one that matters.

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