Having a little fun….

When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. - Joe Namath
The journey of being able to hustle is an unexpected one at best.

There are so many things to do on my “To Do” list, than even focusing on one, even one that’s really important, is hard to do.
I see a trend though, and that trend is to focus.

This fourth day of the “30-day of Hustle” Challenge is causing me to focus on the most important things – the tasks right at hand if you will.

I’ll give you an example: I wanted to eat out today for lunch.  I had the money in my pocket, I knew I wanted sushi, and I really didn’t want to eat the lunch I packed.  It was left-overs, as usual, and even though it was healthy, good food, (green beans, ground turkey, and brown rice,) I really didn’t want to eat it.

I asked two co-workers to go out to lunch with me….  Both of them said “no,” for different (good) reasons.

I didn’t want to go alone and I knew that my lunch was waiting in my lunch bag to warm up and eat.

I sighed my usual sigh, sucked up my pride (because that’s all it really is) and warmed up my lunch, finally convincing myself that this is what I wanted.  I wanted to stay healthy, not spend the money on lunch, stay close to my computer, and use my lunch time being productive on personal projects that I got the chance to work on.

Focus on the goal(s).

Today’s email was to figure out a way to add some fun to whatever it is you’re working on.

I decided to do two things to add some “fun” to this process of filling out the advanced directive forms with my mom.

The first is to take a day off from work next week and go over the paper work with her, getting as much info as I can in a couple of hours.  That same day, I’m going to take her to the flea market.  She loves it, I love looking, and we are both going to have fun.

The second fun thing I am planning is to take her to Yosemite, after filling out the paper work.  How awesome it is to live only three hours away and it isn’t hard to do in a day and come back.  I’ve been wanting to do this for months now, and the weather is right, and it’s a great, relatively inexpensive gift I can give myself and her for completing such a daunting task.

I’m looking forward to the journey.

My husband took the above photo on a hiking trip to the High Sierra’s last year.

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