Empty Tomb Garden – Day 1 of Resurrection Crafts

Empty Tomb GardenThis is the first day of my 12 Days of Resurrection Crafts series.

Day one from the Resurrection Eggs Easter craft comes from Matthew 21:8, and is represented by a palm leaf. Day 1 - Resurrection Egg

My family and I made our first Empty Tomb Garden this year, and we broke up the making of the garden vs. the addition of the crosses into two separate days.  You may note that the above photo does not have the crosses, as I included making the crosses on the Rope-Day, or Day 5.

I had left-over moss from a cub scout project involving making terrariums that we used instead of grass seeds. (Go ahead and ask “Who has left-over moss?”  Yep, that’s me.)  It was great because we were able to have an instant garden, rather than waiting for any grass to grow.

We also had the 9-inch planter, the soil, and the decorative rocks, as well as the tomb stone.  The only thing I needed to buy was the 2-inch sized pot (for the tomb itself) and that cost $1.

An overall easy project, we completed it in about 30-minutes start to finish.  The 8-year old helped every step of the way, but the 4-year old and 3-year old were disinterested after the dirt was added.

Materials we used: Materials

  • 9-inch circular planter
  • soil
  • moss (can use grass seed) and spray bottle of water
  • 2-inch pot (for tomb)
  • 2-inch minimum rock
  • optional decorative rock for approach to tomb Decorative Rock

After wiping up the outside of the pot, we place soil in the bottom about half-way up and added water to it. My kids then patted the soil down to squeeze the air pockets out of the loose soil.

1 Add SoilWe then continued adding soil to about 1/2-inch from the rim of the planter.

soil almost to the rimNext we placed the tomb (or the 2-inch pot) and placed soil over the top of it. img_0540My oldest son used his spray bottle (that he got with his terrarium) to spray both the top of the soil and the moss. spraying the soilspraying the moss

We then began placing the moss, over the pot and around the side of the tomb opening.Add moss

moss added

We completed the garden by placing the large rock (the stone that was rolled away) by the opening of the pot, and finally placing the decorative rock on top of the exposed soil.

optional rockI mentioned earlier that I had purchased the moss for a separate reason.  It was purchased off of Etsy.

It’s easy to care for, and all my kids enjoy using the water bottle to spray the moss to water it.

We will be adding our crosses on Day 5.


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