Driving and “Reading”

Friends – I have an apology to make.

To all those friends, co-workers, associates, bloggers, Instagram people, WHOEVER –

Who has ever said, “You should try Audible. It’s great for people who love to read!”

Or something like that…. I want to say I’m sorry I didn’t listen when I did. I claim ignorance and a money-saving philosophy at the time.

My commute is now 45-minutes in each direction. After two-months of commuting, I wanted to listen to something else other than the radio.

As most “look-what-I-got” stories start, I was feeling sorry for myself one-day that I couldn’t get through the books on my reading list. While perusing Amazon to make myself feel better ~because if I buy the books, I have to read them right?~ I was about to push purchase on two more paper books when I decided to take a look at my own wish list to see what I’ve saved to purchase in the future.

Sure enough, Amazon’s brilliant marketing said that if I signed up for one free month of Audible, I could get that book for free.

Well, that seemed like a no-brainer and a few clicks later, and the download of the app on my phone, I started listening to the latest book I completed, The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher.

I regret not getting this book sooner. It was a great book for this Star Wars fan.

Oh man.

I regret very few things in this life but I can honestly say that I regret not reading or picking this book up sooner. My Star Wars fanaticism was only increased by listening to Carrie Fisher read her own book.

I was able to listen to Ms. Fisher and her daughter, Billie Lourd, read the book over the course of four days, as I traveled back and forth from work.

Sure, there’s a pile of books I have that I haven’t read at home.

Yes. I know I’m not “reading” the book, I’m just “listening” to it. And I agree, it’s not the same as reading it myself.

But you know what?

I don’t care. Get over yourself.

I did. I’m going to soak up as much knowledge and work by artists while I can on this planet and this is my new way of doing just that.

So – A short review:

Carrie Fisher’s style of writing is unique. She writes as if she is talking to you so this book was perfect to hear her inflections and pauses as she reads her own words.

In some cases she speaks as if she is another person, as she is reading a dialogue that she recalls with a fan. Those pieces were hard to follow as the recollections weren’t readily announced as a ‘conversation’ but she sounded different as she read, which indicated she was pretending to be someone else.

Overall, (and keep in mind I’m a huge Star Wars fan) the information was both exciting and sad, as she recalls her affair with Harrison Ford forty years before and gives the listener tidbits of information of one of the greatest movies ever made. (In my humble opinion, of course.)

As none of us usually want to be judged for our sins, all I will say I’m impressed that she was able to keep that a secret for so long.

This is the ninth (9th) book I’ve read in #DsAugustToAugustReads for 2019.

I’ve already started on the next audio book, even though I’ve got two books sitting on my dresser ready for me to complete the one I carry around with me everywhere.

I will always love the smell of paper books and going to book stores but for now, at least I’ll save some space in my shelves.

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