Crocheted Sponge Bob Square Hat

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Anyway, you are here for a Sponge Bob Square Crochet Hat Pattern.

SpongeBob Square HatMy three-year old asked for this hat.

I consider this pattern an easy pattern, and if you need crochet help, you can use one of the Instructables from this Collection: How to Crochet on Instructables, or a tutorial from Craftsy.

It took me about two hours to crochet the cap/beanie. Sponge Bob‘s embellishments took me about four (4) hours to make and sew on, but I was taking photos in that time too. Sponge Bob Square Hat Pattern Link

As with all of my free patterns, please feel free to make and sell anything you make from them. Do not use my photos and do not call this pattern your own. In all cases, please give me credit for the pattern and better yet, link to the Instructable or this web post.

A shout out to the basis of the square crocheted hat: Rachel’s Hat by Leslie Rudden.

I wrote my own pattern and instructions to make the square hat, and included gauge in the Instructable.

The instructions have full details and photos for three types of characters, including the Instructable Robot, Sponge Bob and Wall-E, all made from the same square yellow hat.Crochet Square Hat Pattern Link

The thing that took me the longest to make was the Instructable.  It took over a week and lets just say it was a labor of love for the site.  As always, I’m trying to win a contest (for the Instructable Robot hat) so wish me luck!

I hope you enjoy the tutorial on Instructables.  It’s called Crocheted Square Hat – Instructable Robot, Sponge Bob & Wall-E.

Drop me a line on the site that you found the pattern through this site and I’ll send you an emailed gift!

Sponge Bob Square Hat Pattern Link

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