August Goals Update

August Goals UpdateThe thing about goals is that ~usually~ you’re challenging yourself.

The thing about having a blog and posting about your goals is that you feel somewhat accountable to get the goals accomplished and can post about it if/when the goals are completed.

I appreciate both of those things and am happy to report that I’ve accomplished my August Goals!

Here are the goals in a nutshell –

Goal No. 1 for August: Finish reading the book, Ready to Run.

◊ Check! I read the book and now I need to implement the practices in it to get my body in shape for continuing to run.

Goal No. 2 for August: Finish the book, Pastrix.

◊ Another check! I completed this book in the same week I started it, which included staying up one night until midnight reading it.

Goal No. 3 for August: Begin the book Why did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road?

◊ Check this one off too.  Note that I said to “begin” the book.  As of this post, I am up to chapter seven, and am enjoying it, although there are many words I don’t understand and had to look up.

Goal No. 4 for August: Continue to pray for good weather and safe passage to and from Hawaii.

Praise the Lord that this was met.  We are safely back, and I had the time of my life. A few blog posts about the trip are here:

And finally, Goal No. 5 for August: Post at least five blog posts this month.

I published four posts in the month of August.  I have three more in the non-posted list, which would have brought my total to seven, if I had pushed the post button.  This post was written in August, but I didn’t end up pushing the post button until October.  I’m still proud of myself though as my children are alive and well, and I didn’t miss any of life’s big moments because I was blogging.

As I’m posting this in early October, I really didn’t set any goals in September to “accomplish” except for getting through the month.  It’s crazy to think I can be so on top of things one month and the realities of life get in the way for the next one.  Oh well.

If there’s one thing I’ll promise you, it’s that it’ll be honest when I can’t meet my goals!

Cheers and have an adult beverage for me this week!

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