A Time for Every Purpose

Time - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8The verses above are some of my favorite.

It’s sad that I can’t imagine that nothing is new under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

People have always “not had enough time.”

I actually don’t think that way.  Most times, (not always, of course) I pick and choose my priorities and get them done, by the goal time I set for myself.  I’ve been blessed with a gift of being goal oriented and not giving up.  Some things take longer than others and I’ve tried and failed at them many times (like my unhealthy eating habits,) but most of the time, I get it done.

There has been one exception to this though – planning for my mother’s eventual passing.

I’ve been posting for the past week about how I need to make my mother’s advanced directive a priority, but out of denial, I haven’t done it yet.

I’ve been Challenged in the 30-days of Hustle program (an email invitation I signed up for from Jon Acuff) to come up with the “when” and the “where” to do my mom’s advanced directive stuff.

I see how this is all going.  It’s like it’s all supposed to be coming into focus.

I asked myself what my obstacles were lately, partly because I needed to address the in-denial-monkey who hangs out on my back about this subject.

I think of so many things that I can put before this important set of papers I need to help my mom fill out.  I even took photos, as I was inspired by a blogger recently about the “real self” and not trying to fake it, something I’ve become VERY GOOD AT lately.

So, here are my real-self photos. My Real Self Above is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while.  It took me two hours yesterday.  Way more commitment that I originally thought.  I hope to blog about it soon!img_0422 Easter is coming – I have to get ready….

img_0423I need to plant these plants.  They are all terrarium plants and I want them to live.  (Again, another future blog post.)

img_0425I have three precious children who do not clean up after themselves very well.  We are working on it though.

img_0427My husband would kill me if knew the photo of laundry and dishes were on the net for all to see.  (Hee, hee!) Good thing he doesn’t read my blog! img_0428Anyway, the point is that I got it.  I understand how I didn’t want to do something with and for my mother (and my family) that is SO IMPORTANT.  I am not making it a priority.

I am going to start waking up at 5 AM.  I used to do this, until I had children and began prepping at night for all the next day stuff that had to get done so I wouldn’t stress.

I used to be a 5 AM person and I want to be that person again.  I feel that I have been led to this conclusion through prayer and silent moments where I just know it’s what I’m supposed to do.

I was able to do it today (Sunday) and got so many things done.

I am also supposed to report on my “where” I am going to complete the goals.  I’m going to break that one down into my “how” tasks – I will be reading through the paperwork on Monday at my desk during lunchtime.  I’m usually surfing the net during that time, and I know I can pause from that for 15-minutes to go through the paperwork.

The plan is on Thursday of this week I will begin filling out the paperwork with my mom on my dining table (photo is above.)

There is a time for everything.

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