12 Days of Resurrection Crafts

Twelve days of Resurrection Crafts

One of the things I wanted to do with the Resurrection Eggs was do a craft associated with each day (if that was possible.)  This helps the little ones remember an activity, because they can’t read and don’t usually listen to (or understand) the verse anyway.

I got realistic though, because that’s what I do, and made a list of the things I wanted to do with my kids first, and then associated them with a day, trying my best to make them match up with the daily lesson.

Here is the list for you:

Day 1: Palm LeavesMake an Empty Tomb Garden  Empty Tomb Garden

Day 2: BreadMake Bread

Day 3: Praying in the GardenPraying Hands Craft

Day 4: Coin – No Craft Day planned, but we are going to color Easter eggs

Day 5: Rope – Make Stick Crosses (Tying Knots) and placing them in the Empty Tomb Garden

Day 6: Rooster/Feather – Scavenger Hunt (last prize is a jelly-bean pooping chicken) [They’re kids remember!]

Day 7: Crown of Thorns – Make Cookies with “Thorns”

Day 8: Purple Robe – Make purple planting paper (based off of this Instructable)

Day 9: Cross – Clay and bead cross-shaped pendents

Day 10: Tomb – Marshmallow (Food) Empty Tomb

Day 11: Fish – No Craft Day (Read an Easter book)

Day 12: Cloud Craft – Printable Cloud Craft with Rainbow “Thanks”

Ambitious, yes, I know.  It’s how I roll.  If I don’t get one done, then we can tackle it on the ‘No Craft Days.’

Easter is so important.  I want the kids to know why and to remember many things about it from their childhood experiences.

How I did it:

I created and printed the following cards, cut them out and placed them in numbered eggs.

daily large egg insert

Craft EggsAll of the eggs were put in one basket and the kids open the corresponding craft in the large egg, after the opening of the resurrection egg. opening up Easter eggs is so fun

It’s always fun to open up Easter eggs to see what’s inside!

I will update this post with the links as soon as I write them.

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